UC Medical Center Cardiovascular Recovery Unit - Cincinnati, OH
CLIENT: UC Health/UC Medical Center  VALUE: $1.4M ROLE: GC
A 7,000 SF renovation of the Outpatient Cardiology Unit at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The existing space was transformed into a new Cardiovascular Recovery Unit with 14 beds and a rehab gym. As General Contractor, Megen led the day-to-day operations with an on-site superintendent and project manager, including safety, scheduling, and budget control. Megen also completed two additional renovation projects in the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit including a 2,600 SF conversion of seven recovery outpatient bays into a new Endoscopy Procedure (EP) room, and a 3,137 SF expansion of an existing exam space for the Center of Perioperative Care.
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"The project had an accelerated schedule, and the Megen team from the very beginning was very attentive to the project, the owner’s request and the tight schedule. [Megen’s Project Manager] keeping the communication between all parties going along with his organizational skills, was a key part of the success of this project."
David Baynum, Supervisor of Construction Services, UC Health