Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum and Team Store - Cincinnati, OH
CLIENT: Cincinnati Reds VALUE: $9.9M ROLE: GC
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The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum is a two part structure consisting of a 6,000 SF Team Store and a 36,000 SF Museum. Limited on-site material storage and a complex mechanical and lighting package installed in high bay ceilings, were just a few of the challenges accomplished in the 2 - month construction schedule. The design of the team store incorporates many baseball themes from the Cincinnati Reds, including a replica of the World Series trophy. The Hall of Fame tells the story of the Cincinnati Reds from early years, starting at the Terrace Level, through to the Gallery, which encompasses the most accomplished Reds players.
"Because of your great track record, our organization selected you for the 2004 completion of the Reds Team Store and Hall of Fame and Museum. Again, working under a very tight schedule, you completed the entire project in 156 days, meeting every deadline and delivering a fantastic final product."
Declan Mullin, Vice President of Ballpark Operations, Cincinnati Reds