Macy’s Headquarters Renovation - Cincinnati, OH
CLIENT: Macy’s, Inc.  VALUE: $11M ROLE: CM
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A 233,000 SF office renovation for Macy’s, Inc., one of America’s premier national retailers, Cincinnati headquarters located in downtown Cincinnati. The headquarters building is home to approximately 750 associates in 26 different departments. Over two and a half years, 11 floors of occupied office space were completely transformed, including substantial electrical, voice and data communications upgrades. Scope of work included installation of a new mechanical system, coordination and installation of modular furniture and asbestos abatement. The project was divided into seven phases, and it was crucial that each phase began and ended right on schedule. Megen delivered each phase on schedule.
"…It was crucial that each of the project’s seven phases begin and end on schedule. We relied upon Megen to finish every phase on the exact date scheduled, and it was delivered every time."
Ronald Brown, Director of Special Projects, Macy’s, Inc.