Humana Office Renovations - Cincinnati, OH
CLIENT: Humana of Ohio  VALUE: $1.3M ROLE: GC
Megen Construction completed a 100,000 SF renovation of the prestigious Baldwin Building, involving the alterations of perimeter offices and large open offices with modular work stations. The project was divided into six phases, which gave Humana a continuous partial use of the space throughout the renovation period, and allowed construction to start on the first phase while design work was still in progress on subsequent phases.
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"Iíve had experience working with other construction companies and other construction management companies and with Megen Iíve experienced none of the typical headaches that you would typically see. Because things are on time and high quality, quite frankly Iím able to focus on running my business and not running a construction project. With him itís turn-key, itís fabulous all the way through."
Larry Savage, President & CEO, Humana of Ohio