Georgetown Exempted Village Schools - Georgetown, OH
CLIENT: Georgetown Exempted Village School District VALUE: $23M ROLE: CM
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Megen Construction served as the Construction Manager for two new facilities for the Georgetown Exempted Village School District and the Ohio School Facilities Commission. A brand new 93,000 SF elementary school to house the pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students included extensive site work, new kitchen facilities, state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and technology equipment and new playground amenities. Renovation of the 89,000 SF, 1987 Junior-Senior High School, to serve grades seventh through twelfth, included removal and replacement of the entire roof and HVAC system, as well as installation of state-of-the-art technology throughout the facility. Furthermore, the project plan called for adding roughly 2,300 SF of new academic space to the existing facility. Both facilities received an EnergyStar Rating from the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE.
"Megen Construction staffed our project with extremely competent professionals who made our project come in on time and on budget with minimal change orders. It is our opinion that Megen Construction went above and beyond what was required in their contract, which contributed to an excellent project."
Michael Ashmore, Treasurer, Georgetown Exempted Village School District