Eaton Community Schools - Eaton, OH
CLIENT: Eaton Community School District VALUE: $34M ROLE: CM LEED Gold and Silver
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Megen Construction served as Construction Manager for a new elementary and new middle school for Eaton Community School District and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. The new 64,322 SF elementary school includes classrooms, gymnasium, kitchen and administrative offices. The new 88,482 SF middle school, which connects to the existing high school, includes classrooms, science laboratories, gymnasium, kitchen, administrative offices and a state-of-the-art performing arts center. Both facilities were constructed with a complete air barrier around the entire skin of the buildings, in order to provide an air tight/thermally sealed building. The Elementary School received LEED Gold certification and the Middle School received LEED Silver certification.
"I found the Megen team I worked with on both school projects to have solid experience in dealing with contractors and architectural firms, and this experience proved a plus during the construction process and closeout."
Tom Doseck, Owner's Representative, Eaton Community School District