Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center Renovations - Cincinnati, OH
CLIENT: Cincinnati VA Medical Center  VALUE: $1.8M ROLE: GC
Megen has completed numerous renovation and expansion projects on the Cincinnati Veteran Affairs Medical Center campus, including projects such as the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic, PET/CT Scan Site Prep and the Ambulatory Imaging Center. All three projects included extensive demolition and renovation, creating new office spaces, state-of-the-art procedure rooms and expanded physician and staff facilities for the VA personnel. Megenís project team performed the difficult tasks of the project, all while maintaining full access to occupied areas of the hospital.
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"Megenís Project Manager] did an excellent job of coordinating these projects. Both of these projects were adjacent to critical patients (MICU and the Cardiac Cath Lab). He understood the importance of our Infection Control measures. He did a very good job of communicating to me discrepancies, changes and issues, so as to maintain the schedule. Both of these projects were a success and the staff love the space."
Jason Reeves, Project Engineer, Cincinnati VA Medical Center