BrewWorks/Jillian's Renovation - Covington, KY
CLIENT: Liquor Outlet, Inc. VALUE: $7.3M ROLE: CM
The renovation of a 140,000 SF historic landmark that housed the Bavarian Brewery for nearly a century. Great care was taken to preserve the history and character of this landmark, as it was revitalized into an entertainment complex and Party Source retail store and distribution center. Perhaps the most challenging renovation of its era, this former home of the Bavarian Brewery sat vacant for over three decades, and it took a Herculean effort, as recognized by the Cincinnati Enquirer, to revive this landmark into a thriving retail store and an entertainment complex. Megen was the CM at Risk on this challenging renovation project, which was successfully completed to the owner's delight.
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" We laid out a very stringent timetable for completion, and Megen never wavered from it despite the many 'bumps in the road.' They were always well-prepared and attentive to every detail, making sure that everyone involved honored their commitment to our schedule. "
Ken Lewis, Owner of BrewWorks