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CINCINNATI (Headquarters)
11130 Ashburn Road
Cincinnati, OH 45240
Phone: 513.742.9191 Fax: 513.742.9393

Vendor & Subcontractor Registration Form
Megen Construction is committed to fostering mutally productive relationships with subcontractors and vendors. As our fast-growing geographic reach expands ever further, we are always pleased to welcome new partners to the Megen extended family. If you are interested in teaming with us, please take a moment to fill out our Vendor Registration Form.
Notice for Job Seekers

We have been made aware of an online recruitment fraud involving fake Megen Construction Company job postings. The fraudulent postings impersonate our company and employees in an attempt to wrongfully gather personal data (including immigration and bank account information) and money from candidates. THIS IS FRAUDULENT AND NOT FROM MEGEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

Although online recruiting is indeed often part of our organization’s hiring process, candidates for positions will receive an in-person interview with an authorized manager of our organization before any consideration of an employment offer is made. Furthermore, individuals should be aware that genuine emails from our organization will be formatted as: Fictitious email addresses designed to closely resemble the genuine address (example of fictitious: are in use; therefore individuals should exercise proper diligence and discernment when receiving such emails. We recommend that you do not respond to anyone making unsolicited or suspicious offers of employment on behalf of Megen Construction Company.